Leah is a beauty columnist for Refinery29 Canada, the I Tried It columnist for The Kit and has written beauty stories for The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Best Health, Elle and FASHION.

My teen queens

The shared girlhood obsessions and intense friendships that form while you’re discovering makeup are unlike any other.

See spot run

I spent my childhood obsessed with the horror that was my freckles. I was convinced they were the key to my (imagined) hideousness, and I pressed every grownup about when, exactly, they would go away.

Bye-bye, belly

In our I Tried It series, columnist Leah Rumack test-drives the latest and buzziest cosmetic procedures. This time around, she battles the bulge sans surgery.


In living colour

I dabble in pinks and oranges, I have a box full of berries and I own eyeliners of every shade. But my—may I say iconic?—look is caked-on red lipstick and enough mascara to make Tammy Faye weep.

Chin chin

A new in-office treatment promises to dissolve chin fat without the downtime of surgery. Writer Leah Rumack sticks her neck out for a beauty adventure.

Rock-a-bye baby

After years of running a serious sleep deficit, Leah Rumack tries a new tack.

Are you muff enough?

A Brazilian backlash is blooming. In the name of research, Leah Rumack prepares to let her grass grow.