Leah is a beauty columnist for Refinery29 Canada, the I Tried It columnist for The Kit and has written beauty stories for The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Best Health, Elle and FASHION.

See spot run (The Kit)

I spent my childhood obsessed with the horror that was my freckles. I was convinced they were the key to my (imagined) hideousness, and I pressed every grownup about when, exactly, they would go away.

Bye-bye, belly

In our I Tried It series, columnist Leah Rumack test-drives the latest and buzziest cosmetic procedures. This time around, she battles the bulge sans surgery.


In living colour

I dabble in pinks and oranges, I have a box full of berries and I own eyeliners of every shade. But my—may I say iconic?—look is caked-on red lipstick and enough mascara to make Tammy Faye weep.

Chin chin

A new in-office treatment promises to dissolve chin fat without the downtime of surgery. Writer Leah Rumack sticks her neck out for a beauty adventure.

Rock-a-bye baby

After years of running a serious sleep deficit, Leah Rumack tries a new tack.

Are you muff enough?

A Brazilian backlash is blooming. In the name of research, Leah Rumack prepares to let her grass grow.