Leah Rumack is an award-winning content creator who has worked on countless Canadian brands including FASHIONThe KitElle, ChatelaineRefinery29, The Globe and Mail, EnRoute, Best Health, The Toronto Star, Today’s ParentToronto LifeFlareReader’s Digest, HuffPost, Now Magazine, The Goods, Broadview Magazine and the National Post. She’s been a producer at Marketplace on CBC Television and a writer for Trailblazers, a podcast from Pacific Content. She wrote the scripts—all 13 of them!—for the commercial spots in Loblaws’ 2020 Insider’s Report holiday campaign. She’s produced stories and scripts on everything from anarchists to Chanel and is the co-creator of Pioneer Girl, a television comedy series that was included in the Women In Film & Television digital series incubator. 

Leah’s most recent staff position was Deputy Editor at Today’s Parent, where she oversaw content across all of its platforms, was the brand specialist for toys, travel and books, co-created over 50 animated shorts and wrote the popular #ThisIsMyLife comic. She’s created branded content and worked as a copywriter for many corporate clients including Blue Ant Media, Visit Orlando, Medela, Advil, Imagine Canada, Mars Discovery District, The United Way and McDonald’s.

Leah’s favourite things are talking about herself in the third person, pasta and exacting petty revenge. She has special interests in humour writing and travel, beauty and lifestyle journalism. She has big ideas that she’s going to get into writing for television. You can sometimes catch her performing standup at places where you really just wanted to buy a muffin.

It’s LAY-A, like princess.