Video & Radio

Leah wrote the scripts for Loblaws’ 2020 holiday campaign despite never having cooked a ham in her life, was the co-creator (and voice) behind Today’s Parent’s award-winning Amazing Facts animated video series and was also the co-creator and voice actor for 40 popular week-by-week animated pregnancy videos on

Pioneer Girl

A disgraced feminist history PhD candidate is forced to take a job at a crappy pioneer village where it’s always 1867 and women don’t even have the vote.

Loblaws holiday commercials campaign

This popular campaign for PC Insiders Report was seen by millions of consumers on multiple platforms including broadcast television, social media and on the PC Optimum app.

The third trimester

This week-by-week guide to your third trimester will take you through all the developments, symptoms and things you need to start thinking about.

Fitness: Working Out While Staying In

Since the beginning, it’s been a generally accepted rule of thumb that if you want a good, productive workout, you need to hit the gym. With recent innovations, though, the gym can be anywhere you want it to be. On this episode of Trailblazers, we look at some of the technology that lets you work out from wherever you want.

14 fun facts about boobs

Did you know breastmilk sprays out of as many as 20 openings in your nipple? Watch for more awesome facts about your boobs.

She’s Just Like Me: (CBC Radio, Outfront)

When Leah Rumack was just a baby, her mother Marilyn died of cancer. Now, over thirty years later, she seeks out her mother’s best friend to find out about the mother she never knew.