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She can do those, too!

The last picture show

“I have one rule,” says Dutch runway shooter Peter Stigter sagely. “It’s never right to hit somebody for a fashion show.”

The baby girl I almost had

Earlier this month, the rise in cases of the birth defect microcephaly — linked to the Zika virus — was declared a public health emergency. I didn’t need anyone to tell me what it was. I was too familiar with something much like it.

The junior high of the Mommy Group

‘I could never be friends with her! She’s far too attractive!’ The perils of Mommy Group are startlingly similar to those experienced in high school.

Soup Opera

I wouldn’t know a parsnip from a peanut, and I’d rather eat glass than shop for chicken necks. But my grandmother’s gone, and my mother’s not going to be around forever. Someone had to learn to make the matzo balls.

Costume Party

“Olden days again?” my seven-year-old sighs as he catches me curled up on the couch. “You were watching that yesterday.”
“This is totally different!” I protest. “That was 19th-century England. This is 17th-century France. Look at those dresses! How could you mistake this for working-class London?!”