She’s Just Like Me: (CBC Radio, Outfront)

Originally aired Oct 6, 2004 on Outfront for CBC Radio

When Leah Rumack was just a baby, her mother Marilyn died of cancer. Her father eventually remarried and Leah has never really asked her family about Marilyn, because she didn’t want to bring up painful memories. But she’s always felt that something was missing.

Now, over thirty years later, she seeks out her mother’s best friend to find out about the mother she never knew. 

Producer: Kent Hoffman

Fitness: Working Out While Staying In

Since the beginning, it’s been a generally accepted rule of thumb that if you want a good, productive workout, you need to hit the gym. With recent innovations, though, the gym can be anywhere you want it to be. On this episode of Trailblazers, we look at some of the technology that lets you work out from wherever you want.